Calling all Baby Boomers & All of you wishing to lose weight & get motivated to live Miss Nicky’s Healthy Lifestyle!

However, if you’re not interested, then go directly to Miss Nicky’s Toffee Tab. This tab is for those who want to get serious about ‘finally losing the weight’—for whatever reason?

Question: Since I lecture and teach about the benefits ‘healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle,’ I am often asked:”…how I maintain a healthy weight?”

Answer: My success stems from having had a ‘Certified Nutritionist & a NY Magazine ‘Top Doctor’-work closely with me for about 25 years. My nutritionist guided me away from bad eating habits and instilled new ones over the course of time, which put me ahead of the eating frenzy. Although exercise is critical, you must get a handle on ‘the food’ component! Enlisting a great nutritionist-who knows what they’re talking about, is key! (And, I don’t miss eating hot pizzas & ice cream several times per week and at all hours of the day? (I used to love chocolate/coffee/pistachio & macademia nut ice cream w/whipped cream & hot fudge-no nuts, especially at Serendipity in NYC, Holsten’s & Buffalo ice cream parlors)

Custom Diets, including All special needs plans by these skilled nutritionists, can also include Miss Nicky’s low caloried treats-(if desired), including my:

-Wheat Free

-Gluten Free




All of these delicious treats are worked into your tailored plan at the Nutley Diet & Nutrition Center, where you will be weighed in & they will hold your hand throughout the weight loss and maintenance phase of your journey-which worked well for me all of these years. Personally, I needed that ‘personal touch’ and privacy of the ‘one on one’ consultation. …Now, if I can only add more exercise…, then I could fit back into my old Fiorucci’s…LOL! (…anybody else remember ‘disco’, the late 70’s…?)

What these great nutritionists forced my hand in doing was to: ‘Open My Eyes to the World of a Ton of NEW & DELICIOUS FOODS’ …believe it or not, there is life after pizza, catsup, ice cream… …Need I say more? So, what are you waiting on? See you there!