Miss Nicky’s supports Let’s Move Campaign & added more delicious ‘wheat-free/gluten-free’


Flax/Millet & Oatmeal/Nut Cookies:


Miss Nicky’s mission has always been to encourage ‘healthy eating’ and as our mission states: “It’s about Being Healthy, not Skinny”. In line with the President and First Lady’s initiative to combat childhood obesity/diabetes with their “Let’s Move” campaign, we have developed several cookies that are: ‘FLOURLESS-BUTTERLESS-EGGLESS’ in our ‘Slim-Fit’ line. Our gluten-free customers sing our praises too, along with those ardent exercise enthusiasts who demand great taste but selectively choose to eat these healthier cookies. Those with Autism concerns are now also looking for these wheat-free treats.


Miss Nicky’s concentration on ‘special needs’ and ‘healthier, delicious confections’ has made her a leader in this area. In addition to low carbs and healthy fats, her confections never contain any corn syrup, additives or preservatives. By reducing the carbs and eliminating the unhealthy fats without any corn syrup/additives, you’re able to eat more without the fear of excessive calories and restrictive ingredients. Remember, these are all hand-made confections so no 2 will ever be exactly the same but all are delicious and healthy!


Since heart disease is the #1 killer of women, the increase in heart attacks and strokes among men, those allergic to wheat based products, those suffering from obesity/diabetes, celiac disease—you have no choice but to change your old eating habits for a healthier YOU!


The fact is: Your Life & health depend on making smarter, healthier choices for both you and your loved ones. By developing this healthy website, we have eliminated the guesswork and taken a major step in helping to combat the war on obesity, heart disease, wheat intolerance, strokes, etc… ‘…one bite at a time!’ We believe in posting nutrition labels, which takes the mystery out of eating. To get a handle on your weight, you must know and understand how to interpret a nutrition label? Think: “Would you feed a baby without reading an ingredient label?” Well, the same should apply to you and your health, “read and heed.”


The beauty of the latest: ‘M’POWer’ Cookie + The Vegan Bobbi Cookie + The Decadently, ‘Chocolate Millie’ Cookies, specifically target and address the concerns for not only those with obesity issues, but for those who may be diabetic & subscribe to a healthier lifestyle. Both cookies are ‘FLOURLESS-BUTTERLESS-EGGLESS’ Flax/Oatmeal/Nut! The Vegan Bobbi & the ‘Chocolate Millie’ are Cholesterol Free! The Vegan Chocolate Millie is made with Millet, and gluten-free/wheat-free.


The ‘Chocolate Millie’, our newest chocolate ‘Gluten Free Cookie’, is also ‘FLOURLESS-BUTTERLESS-EGGLESS’, wheatfree/nut free and made with Millet and anti-oxidant bittersweet chocolate! It’s a chocolaty ‘brownie-cookie’, crispier edges & fudgier center for you fellow chocoholics!


Finally…, deliciously healthy, guilt-free confections that benefit all concerned with general and specifically targeted health issues! So, Let’s Move.org, to improve ‘our’ health! For more healthful facts, visit my Vegan and American Heart Association Tab, as well as the Miss Nicky’s Slim-Fit Tabs on this website.


Remember, Eating healthy is fun and Your Quality of Life does depend on it…. ♥