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Dear Nicky,

Thanks for making the Salad Luncheon on May 11, 2010, our favorite event of the year. The women always look forward to having you come and share your expertise, your healthy eating and sharing your TVP chili and toffee. You really are very special and we love your enthusiasm. thank you for all your effort and time it took to prepare everything!


Carol Kearny


Women’s Program Committee

December 11th, 2008

Hi Nicky,

I just saw your toffee featured on TODAY show- would love to order some of “combo” toffee – No need for wrapping – Just the toffee! The large bag! Please let me know best way to order, payment, shipping, etc – I am in South Carolina –



I just wanted to thank you so much for stopping by today. I apologize that I was right in the middle of that valium/vicodin cocktail and so was a little out of it. I was so touched that you not only took the time to stop by but also to bring some of your wonderful toffee. I realized that I didn’t tell you that after you brought your toffee and those wonderful cookies to the other meeting I was not allowed to eat anything because I went from the meeting to the Breast Center for my MRI. And since all those skinny girls were going to the gym from there they left the half full box behind and I absconded with it so I would have something to look forward to after my test. I carried that box right into the MRI Center with me as my comfort object! After I was done I sat in my car and enjoyed the entire rest of the box and felt so much better. It was my calm after the storm… Then when they told me they would use my belly fat to reconstruct my new breasts, I really helped myself at the last meeting and took that beautiful green box with me. (Perhaps my love of toffee and such is WHY I had enough belly fat to make breasts, but who cares!!)So I now associate your amazing toffee with comfort and love and healing and seeing your beautiful face at my door this afternoon with another box just warmed my heart more than I can say. Thank you for all the kindness and the healing powers of your toffee!

November 23, 2009


Thank you so much for your wonderful surprise toffee shipment. You are a thoughtful, generous woman (not to mention smart, witty and extremely attractive).

Your toffee makes me happy. It is definitely addicting. I came home from work and Mark already had the box open and the bag with the regular toffee almost gone. I immediately went for the spelenda bag. I am not a great chocolate lover and the toffee tastes so much butterier than it does when the chocolate is added.

Mark loves the regular toffee and complains that I don’t buy it enough.

Take care. I look forward to seeing you very soon

Thanks again.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I assume you are going home to have dinner with your family.


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